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Training levels

                Puppies pre training


                IPO I, II, III


                Police, army and for special demand

We take on the training of different species, of different size.


First steps

                The dogs learn the basic instruction words, for example sit, lie, come, walk next to the owners leg and they learn to do it in strange surroundings. If the owner would like, we teach other instruction words and trick as well. We gear the training method to the dog’s ability.


In case of demand we transport the dogs.


Training at home

1.       Works with the owner.

2.       The dog works with us.


The training on our training pitch.

1.       Works with the owner.

2.       The dog works with us.


The training during the day

The dog is trained and socialised more times a day.





6-8 week-long obedience training

During the training the dog stays by us. The length of the training depend on the dogs’ nervous loadability and on the learnt sociability. There are lot of dogs that make everything for the owners at home, but if they are at a strange place they smell people or other dogs, etc., and they become more interesting for the dog and they don’t listen to the owner anymore. The dogs get full service, they got super premium food, and they are trained and taken for a walk more times a day.


Protection training

                We take on the training for police, army and special demands.


We can start the training only if the dog has valid vaccination and worm protection. We offer protection against tick as well.



If you have any questions please contact us per e-mail.


Contact:    Kesik Péter

                     +36 70 630 83 13