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Dog pension

Dog pension


You are welcome by our professional created 2000m2 farm.

The dogs can be kept by us in different ways after the owners demand: garden, kennel, flat, heated box and rooms.

With full pension

The dogs are taken for a walk more times a day.

There is always fresh water in front of them that is changed more times a day.


They are fed with super premium dog food and if the owner would like we can give the dog the owner’s meal as well.

It isn’t a problem either if the dog needs special feeding. For example: sugar, liver, kidney, illnesses.

We can take dogs and cats only with valid vaccination, worm protection.

We offer protection against tick.

We deal with ill dogs as well. (We cannot take a dog, if it has infectious illness.)

If the dogs’ condition isn’t good enough we can take him to the vet.

If the dog kindles it isn’t a problem either.


We transport your dog if it is needed.


We have 24 hours vet contact with our own vet.


During the time your dog is in our pension there is a possibility for training on our own training pitch.

You can ask for full or part grooment at the end of the pension.

In garden


Kennel                             House