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Dog grooming


About us

My name is Kesikné Kertész Anita and I have been keen on animals since my childhood. When I rescued my mutt dog from the dog home and I later trained her, I recognise how important it is to care about the dogs and cats hair professionally. That’s why I have decided to work as a dog-groomer. I made a successful international exam and become a professional dog-groomer.  Since then lots of pets and owners have found there happiness in my professional care.


I always take care of the psychical condition of a dogs and cats during the cosmetics, because it is important for me that they feel comfortable during the care.

Isn’t a problem for me idea if the dog bites or has behaviour problem, because my experiences during a training help me to solve these problems. 


Contact us per e-mail if you have any question.



We make all kind of cosmetics service for all kind of dogs with different size and it is no problem if the dog bites.



                cut of nails

                cleaning the ears

                treatment of analgalnds

Full cosmetic service of cats


I go to you as well, if it is necessary.

Transport from house to house.

In case of demand whole day pension.

I can make a cosmetic service only if the dog, cat has valid vaccination and protection against worms.



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